Elon Flegenheimer


I've been working in the software industry since graduating from the University of Arizona in 2000 with a BSBA majoring in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. I started my career in the Management Consulting Services division of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which gave me an appreciation for large scale Fortune 500 software projects. My next industry was health insurance, specifically claims processing. More recently I've been working in the usage based auto insurance industry.

The roles I've worked include: software architect, team lead (manager), project manager, consultant, software engineer, web developer, devops, and system administrator. Looking back I've really enjoyed the more diverse points in my career where I've been able to fill multiple roles simultaneously. While many of my peers with a software background prefer to remain in just a technology role, I enjoy working on business strategy and process as much as the technology that empowers them.


During most of my career I've also worked as a consultant for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-size businesses needing custom software solutions. The scope and industries of these consulting projects have varied greatly, but included some interesting projects such as a secure cell phone gateway with a government subcontractor. If you are reading this because you would like help with a technology project, please feel free to contact me or use the subscribe section in the side bar to receive my newsletter and blog updates.


I'm currently working as a Sr. Architect on a distributed cloud-based M2M solution serving the usage based insurance industry in Phoenix, Arizona.


While the list of technologies I've worked on has grown quite extensive, these are some of the more popular technologies that I've been focused on in the last several years:

  • Languages
    • Ruby (since 2007)
    • Ruby on Rails (since 2007)
    • Java (since 1999)
    • JRuby
  • Platforms
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Devops
    • Chef
  • Mobile
    • Android
  • Databases
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux
  • Distributed Computing
    • RabbitMQ